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What is Keth?

In the vast depths of existence, the Gods saw fit to conjure a land-- a kingdom in which to play out their whims.  A land of light and dark.  A place where the balance between good and evil would work itself out through battle and cunning.  A land called...KETH.

In this land, the Gods created two kings: Kethzel would rule his domain with truth, hope, and justice; and Kethkill the Wretched would rule with cruelty, hatred, and evil. To each of these kings, the Gods bestowed a wielder of magic to help them conjure armies from the elements which govern the land.

The Spawning.jpg

Kethmora, King Kethkill’s sorceress, controls the elements of Fire, Earth, and Ether to spawn the Beasts of Keth, drawn forth from the Astral Plane through the magma pool at the Spawning Depths, deep in the south.  Kethzel, King Kethel’s wizard, controls Water, Air, and Ether to spawn the tenacious Kethians from the Astral Plane through the pool at the base of the majestic Kethoak. The Kethians guard the North from the beasts of the South, who are bent on destroying all of Keth and feeding on the very Kethians themselves.

The Gods also sent “Watchers” to observe this seemingly endless strife and to report back with their findings. These Watchers fashioned unique staves to enable them to pass throught the Standing Stones on The Isle of Battered Souls, and are now spread out over the land of Keth to watch from the shadows as life plays out in Keth.


It is the Watchers’ very words which allow this story to be told; one of our beloved Kethians, The Exalted High Monk of Purity, Bhajanketh– while in deep meditation– witnessed these watchers telling their stories to the Gods.

How long will this struggle go on?

Only the Gods know such things.

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